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Weight Loss Coaching

Diet Salad

Weight loss should not and is not a quick fix. As your weight loss coach, I will be using techniques to aid long term weight loss. The main aim is to establish the reasons why you are over eating and struggling to lose weight. Weight loss coaching is a holistic approach because it is based on the relationship between the weight , attitude towards wright and the mind/body relationship. The process identifies the role of food, exercise, emotional stress and sleep in the weight gain or weight loss cycle. Together, we will work through -

  • common barriers to weight loss & diet

  • nutrition

  • exercise

  • understanding weight loss - stages of change

  • different kinds of eaters

  • motivation - clarifying weight loss goals - self monitoring

  • Neuro - Linguistic  Programming (NLP) techniques 

There is much more included in this programme, so if you are interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact. 

Once you have been in contact, I will send you an initial questionnaire that will need to be completed and sent back to me. We can then arrange a video/voice call to go through it and get you started on your weight loss journey. 

£500.00 (12 week programme)

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