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The Ideal YOU Programme

Chicken Shish Kebab

I have created The Ideal You programme with simplicity in mind. I have used all the knowledge I have learnt over the past few years on my own personal journey to help others achieve their goals and become their ideal. 

The programme is easy to follow and will give you great results that will ensure your weight loss continues even if you stop working with me AND, you don't have to give up your favourite foods either!

Included in The Ideal You plan:

  • The ultimate guide to becoming the ideal you

  • 14 day kick start

  • Personalised nutrition targets

  • Home workouts

  • Setting SMART targets that are achievable 

Once you have contacted me, I will get you started straight away. There is an initial questionnaire that needs to be filled out, but this can be completed and sent back to me during the 14 day kick start as you will not require nutrition targets straight away.

This is a monthly programme, and you can stop if you wish. But if you would like to continue, for the best results, it is advised that you follow the programme for a minimum of 3 months. 

If you would like personalised meal plans/shopping lists etc, there will be an additional charge. Please let me know if this would be something that you are interesting in!

£65.00 (per month)

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