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Nutrition  Programmes

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Mindful Nutrition

What is Mindful Nutrition?

When we talk of mindfulness, we explore the careful art of living in the moment. We work towards being absolutely present in everything that we do and also not allowing the thoughts and feelings, usually created by our experience, to define us. when we talk of mindful nutrition, we apply this presence of mind to the food we  eat. But we know it is often difficult to be mindful of nutrition, eating and food because  we usually have some sort of barrier preventing this from happening. 

With mindful nutrition, food becomes our medicine and we learn to love the meals we eat, based upon not only their taste, but also what they can do within our bodies. We start to make better choices because we know that we will, without a doubt, become what we eat. 

This 12 week programme will help you to regain control over your own life, and because you are obtaining the best possible nutrition for your own body, it will also curb excessive hunger and unhealthy food cravings.

The benefits of adopting a mindful approach to nutrition -

  • you leave behind the diet  and binge cycle

  • food becomes your friend and you enjoy it more than you ever have before

  • your physical and mental health improves because it is getting the best possible nutrition

  • you reach your optimum weight without even trying

  • energy levels soar and in turn, your natural motivation increases

  • exercise becomes easier and enjoyable

  • your digestive health improves.

During the 12 week programme, we will be covering -

  • mindfulness

  • nutrition

  • mindful about food

  • cultivating mindful nutrition

  • food awareness

  • mental wellness

  • food for health

  • mindful for life.

£500.00 (12 weeks)

If you are interested in this programme or have any questions, please get in touch.

Fresh Produce

Not too sure where to start with your nutrition?

This is ideal for you! 

Once you have contacted me, I will then send you an initial questionnaire, which once you have completed and sent back to me, we can arrange a video/voice call to go through it.

I can then advise you of where to start on your weight loss journey, help you to set specific goals and targets and create a programme that is completely personal to you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The price of this will be based on what you are requiring.

Prices start from £20.00 per hour.

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