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Fitness Programmes


You’re busy and it’s easy to put exercise off for a day. Days become weeks, weeks become months, you get the picture. You know exercise is important but it needs to fit into your busy schedule. 

I used to love going to the gym, but because I now have single-sided deafness and balance issues, the gym is the last place you would find me. So how do I get a great workout without going to the gym? I have a personal trainer once a week and I workout at home 3-4 x a week too. I get a great workout, get those amazing feel good hormones going and it makes me feel so much better, especially after a busy day at work. I've got a great selection of workout equipment at home, and to be honest, you can change your body shape with just a kettlebell and following a decent diet. I have kettlebells ranging from 4kg - 12kg, a barbell and weights up to 40kg, resistance band, a 20kg sandbag and a 12kg slamball. All this equipment gives me a pretty amazing workout.

Your fitness comes from consistent exercise becoming a part of your life.

Making your workouts convenient is part of removing the hurdles that keep you from developing the life changing habit of a consistent fitness routine. And it doesn’t get more convenient than working out from home.

Benefits of Working Out At Home

  • Cost-Effective - Sweating it out at home saves serious money. Gym memberships cost a pretty penny, not to mention the cost of fuel travelling to the gym.

  • Time-Saving - Working out at home saves commute time. Cutting the amount of time it takes to workout cuts excuses. Eliminating the excuse of not enough time is one of many benefits of working out at home that keeps you on track all year long. At home, it only takes 5 minutes to put on your workout clothes, put some music on and follow a plan that will get the heart pumping and those muscles burning.

  • Flexibility - You will get sick, you’ll overbook your days, and you won’t always be able to get to the gym. The habit of working out at home saves the day when things don’t go as planned and you need more flexibility. Flexibility is important when establishing and staying on track with a workout routine.

  • Always Open - At home, workouts are always available. Unless you’re a member of a 24 hour gym, your gym’s opening times are going to limit you. This benefit is also important when establishing an exercise habit. The more times a week you workout, the faster you will see results. Momentum builds and then not exercising feels strange. Don’t let opening times stop you from being your best self.

  • Limits Excuses - Starting an exercise routine and sticking with it is always going to be rife with excuses and roadblocks to overcome. Excuses don’t get results. Working out at home eliminates lots of potential excuses. When you have a workout routine that you can do wherever you are, you become master and commander of your fitness. Nothing can stop you and that’s what you need.

  • Quick and Easy - Where do you have 15 minutes in your day? You almost always have 15 minutes somewhere in your day. The beauty of working out at home is that you can fit it in even on your busiest days. Quick 15 minute body-weight training or HIIT routines can be done once a day or numerous times throughout the day for hassle free fitness. 

  • More Variety - Like your brain, it’s good for your muscles to be challenged with new movements. Once muscles adapt to a workout, you lose the effectiveness of those exercises. There is no better way to add variety to your workouts than when you’re at home. Outdoor sports, exercise apps, body weight routines, core building, walking, running, dancing, the variety of options is almost limitless.

  • Vitamin D - At home, exercising outside is a breeze. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of exercise, but you’ll increase your Vitamin D levels too. Vitamin D helps fight disease, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss.

  • Clean Eating Advantage - Being at home while exercising gives you more control over what you eat before and after working out. The gym is usually short on healthy choices and being out and about for workouts often leads to temptations. Before a workout away from home, it’s all too common to skip a meal or lean on processed convenience foods. And after the gym, it’s more likely you’ll grab something on the go to curb that intense hunger you just whipped up. Those go-to choices are often unhealthy. The wrong food choices can quickly sabotage your healthy workout.


These are just a few benefits from working out at home. But you will get the results you want if you are consistent, set goals and have a bespoke training plan to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 


I can create bespoke training plans which fit your goals, whether it is fat loss, weight loss or improving strength, I can create a plan for you.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get in contact and we can discuss your goals in more detail.

Bespoke plans are charged at an hourly rate of £20.00 per hour.

*As part of the 'Ideal You' programme, you will get a workout plan to follow included in the monthly price*

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