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Welcome to the first step of becoming the 'Ideal YOU'

I have battled with my weight since I was in my teens. I tried everything from fad diets, slimming clubs and shake diets, all of which 'promised' to help shift the excess pounds. They didn't! In fact, I just seemed to be getting bigger. Until one day, I bit the bullet and invested in a personal trainer. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and definitely not a quick fix, but I knew I had to do something to shift the 26 stones I was dragging around with me. I was so unhappy, I couldn't find any nice clothes to wear (impossible when you are a size 26) and I couldn't do my job properly. I was sick and tired of feeling and looking disgusting.

I lost over 2 stone in the first six weeks and I could see the changes to my body shape and everyone else was noticing too. This was a massive confidence boost and spurred me on to keep going. This was purely through exercise and the right nutrition for me.

12 months later, I was a size 12 and I didn't find it difficult to keep the weight off as I was in the gym 6/7 a week and I knew what I needed to eat to fuel my body. 

Life got in the way and I began to get more relaxed with my nutrition and fitness. The treat nights were turning into treat days and before I knew it, I was beginning to gain weight, my clothes weren't fitting right and I was unhappy with how I looked.

Enough was enough, I wanted the old me back, so I started weight training from home and working out with a new personal trainer. Again, I started to notice my body changing and I was becoming fitter and working towards the goals I had set myself.

I  decided that I wanted to help others on their journey to becoming their ideal, so I retrained in nutrition, personal training and becoming a weight loss coach. So, although I am not the ideal me yet, I soon will be. 

I want to help others overcome the obstacles they face with weight loss and ultimately, help you become the ideal YOU!

Please get in contact to see how I can help you with your goals.


Experience & Qualifications


Having lived through my own weight loss and fitness journey, I know exactly what you go through when embarking on your own life changing  journey. I feel that I am probably more qualified through experience than anyone else I have met!  But as well as my own journey, I also have the following qualifications: 

  • Body Image Therapy

  • Diet & Nutrition  Advisor 

  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss

  • Mindful Nutrition

  • Personal Trainer 

To find out more about the programmes I am offering please click on the 'Services' tab.  

If you are unsure about which programme will be suitable for you, please use the 'contact me' page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Owner of GB Diet, Fitness & Weight Loss Coaching  

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